Hello there!

September 16, 2012 § 13 Comments

Welcome to the old / new site!

If you are looking for anything old – it’s all here.  If you are waiting for new adventures – hang tight.

Don’t you love it when life is so busy and happy that all you have time to do is live it!? Yes, indeed!


same you, same me, different everything else.

July 24, 2012 § 19 Comments

The Spaniard and I are back on the same continent. Mine!

He is the same him. I am (a better) me. And there ends the similarities.

I rush off to work. He is finding his way in a new country. He has the questions. I (try) to have the answers.

Life has been wonderful and unbelievable. Different and scary. Full of adjustments, compromises and love.

I can’t believe that the plan we made over 2 years ago – the one where I moved to Spain and then we would move back to the States – has played out. Nearly to the day – every goal – every timeline – right on schedule.

Pinch me.

There is no better way to say welcome to Florida than a trip to the beach. Sun soaked sand.

Though life is different – the constants remain – Florida is hot and life is good.

In the in-between

June 7, 2012 § 16 Comments

We are in the in the in-between.

In-between countries – I am in the U.S. – the Spaniard is in Spain. (Arrival less than 1 month!)

San Vicente, Spain

We are in-between wedding parties. (Yes, there is one more!)

Wedding 1 - Gibraltar, U.K.

Party 2 - San Vicente, Spain

All of this in-between is full of so many emotions, so much anticipation, brimming with excitement.

I have been working hard. Working hard to build the business that I left for 2 years while abroad. Working hard to create a home that the Spaniard will instantly feel at-home in.

I have to say… deep down inside I am slightly petrified that my new husband will get to America – look at me, look around – and simply say “what was I thinking!?”

Moving to a new country for someone is huge. At times I have let this thought overwhelm me. But as my absolutely amazing husband has reminded me, he is a grown up and he knows what he is doing. “That is not your concern,” he says.

Though we are a partnership and have married to share our lives together – we are still both in charge of our own happiness.

I am so pleased with the way that our home is coming together. I lived like a bachelor for… well… until about 3 weeks ago. Remember that itchy couch? Well, I returned it and lived couch-less for months. It’s amazing how much furniture you don’t need when you live alone and aren’t entertaining!

I like to think our place has an industrial/library/gallery feel.

Everything is almost perfect.

My mom and I have been having so much fun getting back on the American wedding ball.

It’s honestly been the easiest party to plan. (Thanks to my mother’s deep deep love of all things wedding.) I can’t wait to share more about this event.

But I will tell you – one thing that has been amazing – is how excited everyone else is about this party! The American wedding party has been touted as the party of the year. I sure hope it lives up to the hype!

Off to figure out our clothes storage situation. I do not want the Spaniard’s clothes to find an in-between home on the floor.