Grace Kelly goes on a date.

October 30, 2010 § 2 Comments

My dad sent me this picture last night with the following caption:

"I saw this and thought of you. Grace Kelly...taken to Europe by a prince."

My dad and I are somehow always on the same wave link …  I was totally Grace Kelly last night.

I went on a date with my prince.

I wore a new dress, my new polka-dot tights, and pearls.

Ok, Grace Kelly or June Cleaver.


We went to a new bar for a pre-dinner drink – Olé Lola.

Just based on the name I was excited.  But then they had the place decked out for Halloween!



And because I didn’t get enough in Milan we ate Italian.

My Madrid favorite.

Cozy and authentic.

Mmm… Pizza!

Just can't get enough!

My prince isn’t “of Monaco” but there is no one else I’d rather spend date night with.

So 1950's huh!?


Well that’s come in handy

October 29, 2010 § 7 Comments

So what do pack when you move to a new continent?  Good question.

I packed the usual.  Clothes, shoes, toiletries.  Pictures and thing that remind me of home.  The small and easy stuff.  The day to day stuff.

I also packed the unusual.  My Kitchen Aid mixing bowl, measuring spoons and all of my pretty dish towels.   Necessary? No. They just make me smile.


Salt and Pepper shakers that my mom gave me. A la Anthropologie. They have never been used – they still aren’t – but I like them.

I packed my vegetable peeler and my grapefruit spoons.  Both have come in handy.  The Spaniard’s vegetable peeler is not nearly as good as mine. And I of course used the grapefruit spoon… to peel ginger.

Does an ice cream scoop, bright green colander and heart plate need to make a transatlantic flight?  I think so.

A few recommendations:

DVDs.  I wasn’t going to bring these.  I never watched them at home.  Everything is on-demand.  But you have no idea how nice it is to be able to watch tv in English. We can get some channels in English – but just trust me on this one and pack the DVDs.

Bathrobe.  I have to thank my mom for this one.  I never wore it in the states.  It’s bulky and took up precious packing space.  “I can buy a new one if I need one,” I said.  But it’s so nice to have mine.  Pack the robe.

The Bags. Some women love shoes.  Some women love bags.  My fashion passion is purses.  No surprise here. They were all shipped, the expensive ones insured.  But the bags I am most thankful for are the “bridesmaid bags.”

The bags that I was given as bridesmaid gifts.  Trust me on this… I have many.  They are now yoga bags and ‘fun food finds’ bags.  I cart my life around the city in these bags.  And I get to carry my best friends with me too!

What would you pack?  What would you bring just because it makes you happy?

p.s. You can add these to the list… your favorite slippers.  They have traveled from the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi –> to Florida –> to Madrid.

Don't mind my feet

Nothing says home like your favorite dirty slippers.  “Am I right? Or am I right? Or am I right?”

Movie references just never get old. 🙂 I heart Bill Murray!

Sometimes it still sucks.

October 28, 2010 § 8 Comments

Even when you know it’s right… sometimes it still sucks.

My mom is gone and I am sad.

I know there is nowhere else I would rather be.

But some days I want to scream, cry, and go home.  I want to shop at Publix.

I don’t know why but whenever I miss home, I always think about Publix.

Customer service, kind and friendly – the epitome of what I miss.

So when it downright sucks I need a game plan.  Here is what I have come up with so far.

5 steps to un-sucking a day

1) Go to a familiar place. Starbucks. It smells the same and I know how to order what I want there.

2) Call a friend or family member. Speaking English at rapid pace = home.

3) Go to the gym or yoga.  Try to sweat it out.

4) Remember this is an adventure full of ups and downs.  Remember how blessed and loved I am.

5) When all else fails, just cry.  It does help. But you might wake up with a headache.

Some days I just feel out of place.  Some days will just be like that.

But I’ll continue to try to un-suck them.




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