My Master Plan

December 31, 2010 § 3 Comments

Where do I begin?

How to I express the sheer joy of having my entire family here?

How can these 3 people bring out the ME in me?

I have laughed so hard… and smiled so big it still hurts.


My master plan is to show them such a good time they will either

A) Never want to leave.


B) Have to visit more often.

There has been walking…

A lot of walking!

and exploring.

The Cultural:

The Town Hall

The Creative:

Human Wind Chime

There has been Food…

My Mom's favorite

MY Favorite!

& Wine!

Boys Bonding

[insert Food & Wine REPEAT button here.]

We spent Tuesday culturing ourselves (hmm… just ruined that did’t I?)

Impressionist Exhibit

We weren't the only ones interested.

and with every good art exhibit…

Discussion ensues.

We took a detour by the Palace.

The Royal Palace

and then headed to lunch.

Be still my heart!

More Art!

We moved on to…

The Prado Museum

one thing to note:

The Family can't keep up!

Pick up the pace!

Again... not the only ones interested.

So what could top this day?  What could seal the deal?


When does obsession become dangerous?


One meal at a time… it will be impossible for them to leave 🙂

I love it when a plan starts to come together.

So…what more could we need? How about a Castle? Maybe a Cathedral?

Wednesday we went on a road trip!

Peas in a backseat pod

We took the day to tour La Granja and Segovia.  Both typical day trips from Madrid. A second time for my Momma!

Hello again, Castle!

The Spaniard and I took the family on a tour of the gardens before having lunch.

This picture just makes me smile 🙂

The gardens are beautiful! Every time I visit I see something new.

Lunch was typical La Granja cuisine.

First course:

Picadillo Decerdo (ground pork) and Calamari

Second course:

Judiones de La Granja

Judiones are special to this region, a large white bean.  The above dish is cooked with chorizo.  The family loved it!

We toured the town, which was new to me.

Love them!

Love him!

We returned to the Spaniard’s family’s flat for refreshments.

The boys broke into the bar.

Port & Whiskey… Mmm…

Boys will be boys!

After warming up we headed to Segovia.

We strolled the city

towards this beauty!

and stayed long enough for lights!

The Cathedral

The Aqueduct

And what could top THIS day?

For me… not much.  For the Spaniard… Korean!

My Father and Brother had to be introduced to this:

But my favorites:

Seaweed and Cucumber

Sesame Spinach

The rest of the family loved them too!

Full days and FULL bellies.

Full of smiles and laughter. The family is loving Madrid!

My plan is coming right along!


They’re HERE!!!

December 28, 2010 § 2 Comments

My family is here! My family is here!

Dad, Mom and Brother hopped the pond to visit me!

The BEST Christmas gift EVER!

Our last family excursion out of the U.S.

Excuse me while I soak them in and immerse them in Madrid.

I’ll be back with reports of ham eating and wine drinking.

Business or Pleasure

December 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

I love baking.  I love creating in the kitchen.

1 point for pleasure.

I have been in talks with a friend and a florist who are interested in selling cookies in their shop.

1 point for business.

I have fun reading recipes, standing in the kitchen, mixing and stirring… and tasting the batter. Always, tasting the batter.

1 point for pleasure.

When I am in tears out of frustration, standing in my 3rd store of the day, after having traipsed all over the city, and I still can’t find the ingredient that I need… I must press on.

1 point for business.

Instead of throwing in the towel, I say a few Hail Mary’s, cross my fingers and end up stumbling upon the beloved baking powder in my favorite shop.

Thank you cake rising Gods!

We’ll call this one a tie.

On Christmas Eve Day I spent all afternoon in the kitchen. And I couldn’t be happier.

I closed the kitchen door, and turned on Christmas spirit.

Enter this:

The Holiday
I love this part!!

I whipped up a double batch of these.

Just as delicious as the first time!

And then moved on to something new!

Looks delicious!?
The Dry
The Wet (yes, that’s green)
Rich and Thick
Baked and Gleaming
3rd Grade Art Project
Chocolate Masterpiece!

My confections were brought to our Christmas Eve Dinner.

They were delicious, decadent and devoured!

Looking Professional

Perhaps good enough to be sold next to these?

Fancy Florals!

Time will tell…

Business or Pleasure?

I’ll take both.

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