Thoughts from the Unexpected Plane

January 10, 2011 § 4 Comments

Picture this:

I am standing in the aisle, typing, my mac propped up on the top of the back of my seat. Got it?

8 hours to Philadelphia – 2 1/2 to Orlando – I can’t sit anymore. I feel like I have been run over by a truck.

This is an unexpected plane.

My grandfather has died. He was cantankerous, comical and quick. Quick-witted, not walking. He raised 5 amazing children.  The eldest of which is my father.  I could not be more thankful.

At the top of my grateful list is family.  I am biased – but I have the best.

I never laugh so hard, smile so big, or can be so real with anyone else. Thanksgivings at Granddaddy’s are legendary.

But I am now leaving a part of my family in Spain too.

I am leaving Madrid to get back on the emotional roller coaster that is:

If you knew this was the ride, would you still get on?

I would. Every time.

I know it will be hard when I go back. It always is.

I wanted to stay. I want my grandfather to still be alive and I want to feel settled in Madrid.

But honestly if it stays the way it is, I am okay with that too.

Missing means you love something. Someone. Some place.

If I am here and miss there – and there and miss here – then I love and am loved more than most.

I’ll take the back and forth, the up and down.

I hope those I love will take it too.

I have hugs waiting for me on both sides of the Atlantic.

Some thing are expected.


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§ 4 Responses to Thoughts from the Unexpected Plane

  • Mrs. V says:

    KP, I was sorry to learn that your Grandfather passed away. But oh the place he is now is just so wonderful and he is happy. We will all be there at some time, he just got to go first! Remember and cherish the happy times and smile and laugh just the way he would want you. Not sure how long your trip is this time, but our doors are always open if you want to just bop in….we love you! Mrs. V xo

    • K says:

      Thank you so much Mrs.V! I am so thankful that I can be here. I am so thankful for the encouraging words from friends like you. I wouldn’t this time with my family. We are having a great time reminiscing, telling stories and laughing about old memories. I will be in the states for a bit and would love to see you. Love you too!

  • Kaley says:

    I too am biased. I think I have the best. Agree to disagree.

    I know that rollercoaster of emotions all too well. I really don’t like it, almost despise it, but I get on it every time, just like you. Everywhere I am nowadays, I have to be missing someone or some place.

    • K says:

      Thanks Kaley! Just knowing there are other people feeling the same way (by choice I might add) helps! The joys and love are well worth the emotional ride. I think we are the lucky ones! 🙂

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