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On our last day, day 4 in Paris, we it the jackpot!

We started with the sights of the Arc de Triomphe.

Our hotel was just a baguette throw from the arch so we saved it for the last day.

History lesson:

This 165-foot-high arch was constructed to honor Napoleon’s soldiers, for their victory in the Battle of Austerlitz. Construction began in 1809. Napoleon died before it’s completion. It was finished in 1840. 19 years after his death, Napoleon’s remains were carried from St. Helen to Paris where his funeral procession passed underneath the arch. Today, the Arc de Triomphe is dedicated to the glory of all French armies.

We meandered from here up Rue “this street looks interesting.”

I’d like him and his balloon in my Easter basket please!

From here the plan was to tour the Montmartre neighborhood. We took the express to this area. A cab.

Montmartre is in the northern part of Paris. You will find the Sacre-Coeur Basilica and perhaps the best views of Paris. Montmartre sits up high on a hill.

We were especially interested in this neighborhood for the quaint streets lined with shops, cafes and artists.


The coolest vintage shop!

We could have spent hours here. My usual claustrophobic, mass chaos avoiding self was nowhere to be found.

I purchased a vintage scarf that has plans to become a shirt. Stay tuned. And mom bought the coolest dress! I’ll share when she wears it.

We climbed the hills and stairs that lead here:


The paintings were amazing. Not your usual street fare. I would have bought more than one but these were gallery prices. An excuse to come back right?

Our last meal was right in the middle if it all.

Mom indulged her crepe loving self. Ham, cheese and mushrooms.

I ordered just want I wanted, a fresh green salad with an entire basket of crusty french bread… times 2!

The more appropriate picture here would be the bread basket.

La Cremaillere

15 Place du Tertre, 75018 Paris

La Cremaillere has been around since 1900. We know why.

I will definitely be spending more time in this area during my next Paris trip. Who wants to come?

We took the express back to the hotel for luggage collection and then directly to the airport.

Part of traveling anywhere is taking a gamble. Hotel, restaurants, where to spend your time…

I feel as though, and mom agrees, we hit the jackpot on every point!

We returned to Madrid on Tuesday and mom left for the States today. I am so full of gratitude for a mother that loves and supports me unconditionally! Loves me… and loves travel!

Thanks for coming along on our Paris adventures! If you ever need a tour guide, you know where to find me.

More adventures coming soon…


Sunrise Sunset

March 30, 2011 § 7 Comments

Did anyone else sing this song in 3rd grade chorus? No?

Paris Day 3 – I was up before the sun. Why, might you ask? All in the name of new experiences.

I started practicing Bikram yoga in English. I practice in Madrid in Spanish and I walked the Vatican to practice in Italian. Then why wouldn’t I practice in French!?

Bikram Yoga Paris

13, rue Simon Le Franc – 75004 Paris

I must say, the sometimes rigid, always challenging 26 posture Bilram yoga series sounds the best in French.

I mean, just look: “Please” = “S’il vous plaît!”

And so it goes, I’ve never regretted a yoga class.

After my early morning adventure. I met mom back at the hotel and we were off!

Agenda: Mona & the mall.

The Louvre

History Lesson:

The Louvre is Europe’s oldest and greatest museum. It’s masterpieces are from the ancient world to 1850. Paris’ Orsay Museum houses 1848-1914 and the Pompidou, 20th century to today. The Louvre has more than 30,000 works of art.

Stunning & Grandiose!

Beauty at every corner. And we weren’t even inside yet.

It was surreal to see the art I’ve only read about in books and seen in movies.

I spy with my little eye…

Mona Lisa

Venus de Milo

Winged Victory of Samothrace

You could spend a week in this museum alone, still not seeing it all. We gave it a few hours and called it a day.

Onward and upward. Shopping! We walked north to the Galeries Lafayette.

And took it upon ourselves to stop and have a drink at any and every cafe or brasserie that struck our fancy.

There was shopping damage done. But not too much! It would be wrong to leave Paris without a purse…and a watch, right?

We shopped a little too long. Hungry struck hard! We had a place in mind for dinner that didn’t work out. But it was perhaps fate. We stumbled upon a street I’d been talking about since we arrived, Rue Cler.

The cab dropped us off just east of the Eiffel Tower. We ended up in a wonderful neighborhood!

[insert beautiful pictures here that I was too hungry to remember]

Rue Cler has been a traffic-free street since 1984. If you want to witness the art of Parisian living, you are told to come here. Done and done.

We had a simple dinner with the locals at Tribeca.


36 Rue Cler 75000 – Paris

This place was packed!

Salad and vegetables for me.

And for mom…pizza.

I no longer wonder where I get my obsession. It’s inherited.

There is one thing I have to say about the Parisians. So helpful! Even in a restaurant surrounded by locals, with every table full, we were treated with such care and sincerity. I can’t compliment them enough!

As the sun set, so did we. We couldn’t get back to the hotel fast enough. Ex-hau-sted!

We relaxed in the lounge with more snacks, chocolates and tea.
It was a perfect ending to full day!

We rose, we saw, we shopped, we set.

Postcards from the edge.

March 29, 2011 § 5 Comments

Just because you can look at this…

Doesn’t mean you don’t want to jump sometimes.

Paris – Day 2 – Highs & Lows

It started with a delightful fruit breakfast with espresso! Just the way I like to start my day.

And then…

Low: I lost a glove. One glove. One Roman glove.

It could be worse. I’ll focus on this:

High: We are in Paris!

We spend the morning – glove searching- shop shopping – and making our way to Notre-Dame.

High: Crepes!

Crepe Tutorial:

Pour batter –

Spread –

Wait –

Cheese –

More Cheese –

Ham –

Fold –

Eat –

She had no words. Sheer joy!

Little did she know she would need all the fuel she could get!


History Lesson:

Notre-Dame means “Our Lady.” Though the is massive, it has always stood for the grace and compassion of Mary, the “mother of God.”

You  can see her cradling God on the front of the facade.

Ground broke on this Cathedral in 1163. The first Mass did not take place until centuries later, in 1345.

A tiny medieval community with a vision of their great-great-grandchildren attending Mass, mustered money and energy for it’s construction.

They walked on wheels designed to lift the stones one by one up to build the 200-foot-tall bell towers.

This backbreaking manual work created real hunchbacks of Notre-Dame.


We saw a line – we got in the line – we waited to go in Notre-Dame.

Err… UP Notre-Dame! All 400 steps to the very tip-top!

Before she knew what she was getting herself into.

Heeelllllooo Paris! The pictures never do it justice.

I love the bored gargoyle!

This was a high for me. A low for Momma! All she wanted to do was go in… not up! She was tuckered out.

Does she look happy to be up there?

We finally made it IN!

Just outside the from steps is Point Zero. The center of France. The point from which all distances are measured.

We toured the Marais neighborhood and shops. I loved this area of the city. We walked with the Parisians and sat with them at cafes. There were far fewer tourists than in other areas.

We then settled in for an exquisite dinner. Another concierge recommendation!

Le Potager du Marais

22-24 Rue Rambuteau – 75003 Paris

A Bio Vegetarian Restaurant!

The food was A-mazing!

See the joy!

We started with Mushroom Pate & Hummus that escaped the camera’s eye.

The Mushroom Pate tasted like Thanksgiving! We were fighting over it.

Second course: Vegetable Gratin with Hazelnuts

Vegetable Curry with Quinoa

Both dishes were full of flavor and oh.so.good! If I lived in Paris you know where you’d find me!

But the absolute HIGH:

Chocolate Hazelnut Torte with Chestnut Flour


Heaven in my mouth!

2 for 2 for our concierge!

Someone was a trooper and walked with me back to the hotel.

City of Lights!

If I’m sending a postcard from the edge… it might as well be a Parisian edge!

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