February 17, 2012 § 12 Comments

My American purchases I never knew I needed:

FLAT sparkly work shoes.

Unless I need to wear heels (height = confidence and power – my friend T taught be this) I will be wearing these gems to the office.

Where I will be STANDING.

My office chair is rarely in use. My European walking / moving / standing all day self cannot sit 8 hours a day. I am short. My desk is tall. My hands reach the keyboard just fine.


I seriously don’t know how the European world survives without this single most efficient cleaning tool.

$3.99 are you out of your mind?

This impulse Ikea purchase has been invaluable. When moving back I was bound and determined not to collect “stuff.” However, I do need to pack my work lunch and store my leftovers. Thank you Sweden for your 17 piece green plastic-ware set that matches my olive and cherry painting.

Ripped in … seriously?

I am easing back into my running game. I wake extra early to workout before I hit the office and I am working Jillian into the mix.

I fell in love with Jillian through her podcast. We became good friends (along with Janice) on our walks around Madrid. I must say I love the short – straight forward – no thinking – no nonsense workout video. Go ahead Jillian, you have 30 days.


This is not American – and is actually a staple in my Spanish life too. This.exact.chocolate. Some things translate to every country and every continent. The darker the better.

And one thing I DON’T need: New work pants.

Let’s take a look – Avert your eyes from the sparkle and focus on the pencil pants:

Allow me to explain:

Yes, yes I did. Thanks to my mother’s sewing expertise [and patience – because teaching me to sew is definitely test in patience] I made my wide-legged trousers into cropped pencil pants.

  • 1. Turn wide pants inside out.
  • 2. Lay a pair of pencil pants on top and pin the wide pants where you want the new seam to be.
  • 3. Using a sewing machine – sew the new seam.
  • 4. Try on the pants to make sure your calves will fit.
  • 5. If happy, cut off the excess fabric.
  • 6. Pin pants at the bottom for new hem length.
  • 7. Sew straight around the bottom.
  • 8. Turn pants right-side-out and wear to work the next day with sparkle shoes.

** If you have questions see the above diagram. [Because that will clearly answer all your questions.]

I have to admit I am pretty pleased with myself. Only two weeks back and I am upping my fashion game, sewing my own clothes, and efficiently working towards really clean floors. Oh, and I’m only 18 days away from that ripped bod.



February 10, 2012 § 19 Comments

Back in the U.S. – Back to driving a car every day – Back at the office.


My country 'tis of thee

Moving back has been everything I anticipated… and yet nothing I expected.

I heart FL


The fulfillment I get from my work.

Early to bed / early to rise productivity of America.

... music to my fingertips

Business attire. There is a whole side of my wardrobe that hasn’t been worn in 2 years.

Setting up a new home that will house my new family.

The “customer is always right” – “what can I do for you” attitude over here in the west.

When my phone rings with a caller from across the ocean. Our “how was your day” daily recaps makes our ocean length and time-zone difference totally manageable.


Still feeling a bit displaced. Loving living here – yet missing there…

We're not in España anymore, Toto.

Figuring out that the beautiful new couch is incredibly itchy… after it was delivered. Thank you linen fabric blend. Re-turned. Sofa-less.

The size of the Target shopping cart. Has it always been that large?? Driving a boat I tell you!

Putting gas in that car I drive every day.

vroom vroom

The shoes that come along with the business-wear. My feet have loved not being shoved into a 3.5 inch heel. Sorry, so sorry.

Bills-YO! Moving is expensive! When I skipped out of this country and sold [almost] every last worldly possession I wasn’t really thinking about replacing them upon my return. p.s. I did keep my old stemware. And am freakishly excited that I did.


Being back has been wonderful. I feel totally loved by friends and family, excited to have me here. I feel missed and loved by the Spaniard who is counting down until I return. (soon. SO soon.)

I’ve tried to manage all expectations I have sub-consciously had for this transition. I mean, I have never been married before. Never moved back to my country before – and never had that new husband living an ocean-span away.

With love and grace it is all going extremely well. One day at a time I am getting settled and back into the swing of life on this side. Until I shake it up again… and board the next plane. All I need is a non-itchy couch.

Back. It’s good to be back.

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