the after party

May 25, 2012 § 10 Comments

So we made it to the Farm –


nice horsey.

and we partied!

Dana does it best.

As for the after party – why not add another country onto our adventure!?

Why hello there!

The farm is a hop, skip and a jump from the Portugal border. And there is an amazing restaurant just on the other side.

This is what exhaustion looks like.

This is what amazing food looks like –

Who doesn't love a good garbanzo...

or prawns the size of your head...

with a side of photo fun.

Bryanna loves Coke.

I love my Dad's face.

In typical Spanish style, lunch started close to 3 and we didn’t leave until after 5. PM!

When you are tired, full and happy, all you (I) want to do is curl up in the couch and watch a movie. OR you can drive 5.5 hours back to Madrid.

Our caravan made in back to city and then our party dispersed. The American globe trotters had more trotting to do. Paris, Rome, and Barcelona was on the agenda with their respective flights leaving early Monday morning.

My flight was straight to my bed. I had more travelers visiting me!

Justin and Bryanna were going to be in Spain for one more day and my aunt and uncle (who sadly missed the Farm Party – how is it that the only direct flight from the U.S. is the one that is cancelled? We don’t want to talk about it.) landed in Madrid on Sunday.

We were determined to make the most of their European time.

Toledo, Segovia and La Granja were explored for the remainder of the week.

Words can’t express – these posts can’t fully display – a picture can’t completely capture – the love, joy, and gratitude I felt from day 1 of this trip. To be surrounded by my family and friends. To be with my groom and celebrate our marriage surrounded by his family and friends.

I was exhausted and overwhelmed. Happy and loved. So many emotions in 10 short days. But mostly I was thankful. So very thankful.

Photos: Erin, Justin, Bryanna, and my Momma.


§ 10 Responses to the after party

  • Chaaron says:

    Ahhh… fantastic! Your 10 days couldn’t have been more full!

  • Ameena says:

    I am suddenly reminded of all the shrimp we ordered that still had heads attached…not a good memory of Madrid! πŸ™‚

    Gorgeous photos…

    • K says:

      Thank you, Ameena! It sure was nice not taking any of them. πŸ™‚

      So you’ll leave the shrimp heads and keep tea at the Ritz? Hopefully one makes up for the other. πŸ™‚

  • Carly says:

    The picture of your Dad made me smile, and that last picture of you and David is BEAUTIFUL!

    I’m exhausted just thinking of your 10 days. But what amazing memories πŸ™‚

    • K says:

      Thank you Carly! I am so thankful that I have so many amazing pictures… and I didn’t have to take ONE! Can you imagine if I had to do that too!? Exhaustion doesn’t begin the explain this trip… but it sure was amazing! πŸ™‚

  • Kristen, I LOVE that last picture! So glad you all had such a sweet time, and felt that love and support on all sides. How wonderful!

  • marie says:

    I actually can feel the love through these pictures. I know what it’s like to be surrounded by so much love and I am so happy for you. What memories to last a lifetime!

    • K says:

      Thank you so much Marie! I completely agree. I love that I can look back at these and truly remember the days and the feelings. Lifetime for sure!

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