same you, same me, different everything else.

July 24, 2012 § 19 Comments

The Spaniard and I are back on the same continent. Mine!

He is the same him. I am (a better) me. And there ends the similarities.

I rush off to work. He is finding his way in a new country. He has the questions. I (try) to have the answers.

Life has been wonderful and unbelievable. Different and scary. Full of adjustments, compromises and love.

I can’t believe that the plan we made over 2 years ago – the one where I moved to Spain and then we would move back to the States – has played out. Nearly to the day – every goal – every timeline – right on schedule.

Pinch me.

There is no better way to say welcome to Florida than a trip to the beach. Sun soaked sand.

Though life is different – the constants remain – Florida is hot and life is good.


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